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American Income Life provides deals in health, life insurance and supplemental policy plans, therefore its main products are Life, supplemental Health, and No-Cost Products. It is an international insurance company offering stability and protection for working families in the USA, New Zealand, and Canada. As a whole, it’s a subsidiary company of S&P 500 Company called Torchmark Corporation.

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In 1951, American Income Life was established by B. Rapoport on the sum of $25,000 – the capital, which he borrowed. In 1952, the company got $95,000 for premiums; it was a great surprise for such a young business. The year later, it reached its million premiums. By 1954, the company has received 6,000 plan applications per 1 month; therefore, it got its official name as an insurance company. 1956 saw great changes in company structure: 13 states witnessed the opening of agencies with 300 agents working in them. In 1961, American Income Life offered services which weren’t available in competitive insurance offices since it developed its own scholarship program and contributed to the fund of strikes by supporting union members. In 1966, it was the only company protecting union employees; while in 1973, it was awarded with an official designation as a Union Label. It’s worth saying that there were just 2 companies in the Unites States, which disposed of such high official awards. Today, it’s one of the biggest providers of insurance like UHC and so it covers more than two million policyholders by presenting about 130 million in annual sale. Its growth and development are explained by clients’ satisfaction, lead plans and referrals.

Products and Services

As it was already mentioned, there are 3 insurance plans offered by the company:

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1. Life Insurance is created for such ‘what-ifs’ cases when it’s hard to predict circumstances or some sudden situations. That’s why American Income Life offers 2 possible plans for policyholders: Whole Life and Term Life. The first type is specified by coverage for your entire life, lack of increase in premiums, and cash value which grows. The second variant provides policy for a limited time period, after which policyholders have to pay higher premiums to continue using it. Although it’s less expensive than the first type.

2. Supplemental Health. By choosing this insurance, you will get protection from various accidents and illnesses as it includes: Accident Protection (with cash benefits for injuries), Hospital Indemnity, Cancer Protection, and Critical Illness. These types foresee almost all possible circumstances and injuries which one may face.

3. No-Cost Products. They provide necessary protection as for you, so for members of your family. Special Safe Kit Program is created for those parents who are afraid of leaving their children alone. It’s supported by the law union and so adds an extra level of assurance. Guide of Safe Surfin’ aims at online safety because it was developed in collaboration with Safe Surfin’ Foundation. Partners Program presents itself not an insurance program, but a working service for discounts in other medical organizations.

Who Do We Serve?

Since 1951, we have served about 20,000 different groups mostly representing members of various associations, labor and credit unions, fraternal and nonprofit organizations, etc. For example, American Income Life helped working families in setting up food banks, walking picket lines, and offering other kinds of support. As for credit unions, it developed programs to renew membership, increase member participation, make the credit union grow, and the most important fact – to provide people with benefits to cope with all these issues. It also has a special risk division, whose aim is to serve a variety of groups such as universities, colleges, camps, youth traveling, cooperative services, and many other organizations.

The philosophy suggests that we support working families and we do it. We bear social responsibility for public and private support. We don’t only defend the rights of workers, advocate for them and a financial reform in general, struggle for a fair economy, but visit many families every year and offer helpful insurance plans. They are not just timely, but affordable, portable, and constant.

Get your quote to make sure of all these advantages yourself. American Income Life is a leading company in providing life and health insurance plans. It develops long-term relationships with dear clients, meeting all the demands of a modern world and helping to protect the most vital things they have – families and their health.