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Compare insurance quotes and save on medicare, life, health from American Republic insurer. Almost all consumers look for benefits that allow to save on coverage and get protection by the lowest rate. Such well-known insurer, American republic insurance company, has some features which are provided to their consumers. All these possibilities allow to obtain high quality service by affordable price.

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American Republic Insurance Services specializes in healthcare insurance services, and getting their policy can help you deprive yourself of the fuss related to finding resources for treatment. Various options and Medicare involvement make ARIS a company of choice when healthcare insurance is considered. With their help, you can not only meet the requirements set by the state, but also use a wide range of benefits provided by the policies they offer.

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The foundation of the company dates back to the 1920s, Watson Powell, who was one of the insurance business pioneers, opened his own agency in 1929. Having started with two hundred charter policies, he turned his company into a team of dedicated people who wanted to offer insurance at the most affordable rates. Despite the depression that hit America, the company leader managed to develop it even under such conditions.

Throughout the years, there have been up and downs, but regardless of economic situation the company remained a reliable provider of healthcare and Medicaid policies for individuals and business. The current headquarters is located in Des Moines, Iowa.

ARIS offers healthcare and accident insurance policies available for individuals and enterprises. One of the distinctive features of this company is the involvement in the Medicare system. Those eligible can apply for such a policy, and if you have any questions regarding this field, you can look through the Medicare guide available on their website. Besides, there are other products ARIS is ready to issue, but all of them are related to healthcare and accident insurance (so, it can be considered a specialized agency). Below you will find a list of ways the company can help you save assets.

  • Hospital and Doctor Expenses. Though Medicare covers most issues, the need for additional expenses may arise putting your retirement assets under a threat. To prevent this, ARIS offers several plans for you to choose from. These include the Medicare Supplement plan which makes a general Medicare policy comprehensive or at least covers some expenses related to Medicare and medical services. There are other plan options, so you can choose from coverage of certain issues and expenses to complete plans that take into account the overwhelming majority of issues. The second plan belonging to this category is Medicare Advantage. It is widely known as Part C of the Medicare system. You can opt for this Part instead of Parts A & B. The coverage is almost the same as Medicare, yet it offers more opportunities for dental care and similar options. There are limitations, and despite good premium conditions, the plan implies co-payments, thus hindering you budget saving efforts. The third option falling into this category is the Short Term Major Medical plan. This one is for those whose last insurance plan has expired, but the new one is not issued yet. The plan can get you covered in between of your standard policy changes, and it lasts from 60 to 180 days, with the opportunity to reapply at the end of the term. That is why Americanrepublic may be the right solution as well as Liberty National Life Quotes.
  • Care Facility Expenses. There are two plans available in this section: Short-Term Convalescent Care, and Long-Term Care. Both are designed to provide you with resources to use nursing home services or other facilities that may be needed when you get old.
  • Prescription Drug Expenses. Prescription medications are needed by most seniors, and the expenses related to such prescriptions may be high. The Medicare Part D, which belongs to this section, aims at providing you with partial coverage of such expenses. Yet it must be noted that it’s recommended to choose the most optimal and cost-effective plan, since your prescriptions are sometimes reviewed. Besides, the ARIS company offers Discount Prescription Drug Cards which can be issued for those who do not have the Medicare Part D policy but still want to buy drugs at a lower price.
  • Dental Expenses. Dental expenses are not covered by standard Medicare policies, and fixing your smile can cost quite a lot. The plan includes preventive care, and you can combine it with a vision coverage policy.
  • Income Replacement. This kind of plans covers cases of expenses related to providing your relatives with resources when you pass away. There are plans that imply paying out the needed sums within forty-eight hours of the policy holder death; plans that cover the loss of pension benefits which happens upon a retiree passing away; and there’s a plan to gift your relatives with money after your death by means of special taxes.
  • Income Enhancement. Annuities are another modern opportunity of money investment. You can earn interest on your savings using various options and plan conditions, but it is also worthy of note that there may be significant surrender charges in case you want to withdraw your money ahead of the term stated in the policy.