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Get more features, applying for life insurance quotes provided by Colonial Life online here. Consumers looks for benefits which make their policies cheaper and stronger, that is why we are here to help in getting the right quote on life coverage from Colonial Life and Accident insurer.

Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company offers mostly Life and Health Insurance plans like disability, cancer segments, hospital confinement, accidents. Its products are sold to employees by independent agents. Its main mission is to help American workers to protect things which are vital and significant for them as they spend their lives to earn on them and build them.

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First company product – accidental death coverage − was sold in Carolina in 1937. E.F. Averyt and J.C. Clifton were first agents to make it. Like them, most insurance agents in that company were women as it was easier for them to talk with local people about things which were important for them and which bother them at that time. Being called Mutual Accident Company at first, it changed its name into Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company in 1939. The mission was the same over the years and so:

  • In 1955, the company rendered worksite marketing with benefits on the voluntary basis.
  • In the 1970s, it made use of computer technologies before most insurance companies knew about this opportunity.
  • In the 1980s, the marketing program turned to nationwide version thanks to electronic enrollment capabilities.
  • In the 2000s, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company introduced its own enrollment system.
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Nowadays we still use compute technologies and even improve them. Has been working for 75 years in this sector, the company remains dedicated to its main aim and mission trying to help Americans in struggling with unexpected events and accidents in their life. With more than 10,000 agents and sales representatives, the company is to help at any challenging times you may face. Besides, we are the pioneer of payroll deduction. It means that we are an innovator of enrollment technology thanks to our end-to-end capabilities and excellent customer service.

Products for Employers and Individuals

All products offered by Colonial Life are divided into 2 big groups: for employers and individuals. The first group is chosen because the financial security is one of determining sectors. The company tries to provide voluntary and supplemental benefits:

  • Accident Insurance. It will help to offset the sudden medical expenses such as surgery, initial care, transportation, and so on. Coverage may be paid directly to employee, so the assistance of employer is not necessary. Several coverage levels will definitely fit various types of budgets.
  • Cancer Insurance. Such benefits are available to assist if someone can’t cope with child care, income loss, deductibles, etc. It includes as direct cancer expenses, so indirect ones which most medical tests don’t actually cover.
  • Critical Illness. This plan offers support by giving life-sum benefits to cover direct and indirect costs like heart attack, stroke, failures of major organs, etc. In this case, benefits are payed directly to employees.
  • Life Insurance. It is used to tailor individual needs; therefore, the company offers Whole Life Plans, Term Insurance, and Universal one.
  • Dental Insurance. According to it, the insured person gets freedom in visiting dentists, receiving immediate benefits for X-rays, no coordination coverage or deductibles, 4-level plans for bigger flexibility, and others. The company is to provide you with more competitive insurance plans by giving family options and discounted services, while using a network dentist, from ordinary procedures to more complicated sessions.
  • Disability Insurance. It can become an important component of management strategy by replacing the portion of employee’s income. With this plan, one can select the period, choose the plan between on-job or off it, have no cost for employers, and what is more important – get a financial protection.
  • Hospital Indemnity. Due to this policy, hospital costs will be more manageable. Employees will get coverage for diagnosis tests, appointments of doctors, tests of emergency rooms, etc. If one takes the right decisions and steps, hospital expenses won’t seem so high. So, focus on your recovery, not the finances.

Products for individuals present the same number of plans available for every working person. The same possibilities & quotes are provided by other insurer, such as UHC Quotes They are designed to provide people with finances they really need, still being affordable and simple to realize. From benefits for disabled people to Dental Insurance, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company has everything to keep the life protected and secured from any unexpected accidents or consequences. Get more information by talking to your employer or getting a consultation given by our agents.