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Ehealth Insurance is a company offering insurance policies of different kinds, purpose, and coverage. As a major service provider specializing in the field in question, Ehealth has already insured several million people worldwide. The policies offered cover various aspects of life and different society groups.

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Ehealth Insurance Company

With over 5 million insured clients, Ehealth remains one of the key platforms for obtaining a policy which meets all the requirements you set. The large audience and variety of plans offered make is a flexible tool for insuring different life aspects. It’s also the first and one of the largest online resources dedicated to insurance (at least the company claims to be the first one to have presented their services on the Internet in such a way).

To use all the opportunities Ehelath provides, visit their website and fill in a form corresponding to the policy you have decided to opt for. From Medicare to accident policies, the options available are designed to help all society groups find the right solution which fits best in their case.

By the way, besides the standard set of plans, Ehealth offers such policies as pet insurance and telemedicine, which are rather rare and difficult to find!

Ehealth Insurance Plans

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The current list of options available comprises of the following policies:

  • Health insurance (featuring options both for individuals and those registering as a family). These are standard policies offered to the US citizens or registered immigrants which grant a set of benefits depending on what features you choose.
  • The latter has subcategory policies, including dental insurance. There are different plans among which you can choose: one can opt for basic dental care or combine it with preventive services.
  • Vision insurance. To protect your vision, you may visit a doctor for preventative exams and even get discounts on glasses or operations like LASIK.
  • Short-term insurance. This one can help you in case of changing a job. Fast proof of your obtaining an insurance document is also a useful feature of this service.
  • Life insurance. A policy of this type can aid you in the prevention of your loved ones facing financial issues which may be caused by the Ehealth member death. There are also term life policies which can cover periods of your life from ten to thirty years − these are cheaper too.
  • Group / Small business policy. This one’s designed for employers. The cost is shaped by the number of employees, their age, and the location of your company. Only the companies comprising of 1-100 staff members can utilize small business policies.
  • International health policy. With this policy, you can insure your health while travelling. Specify the place you’re travelling from, your destination, residence, citizenship, trip costs, and the travelers’ age.
  • GAP insurance. The option allows you to augment your policy with additional features and services. Using it, you extend the med coverage and use the offered means aimed at helping you pay your deductible: accidents and grave illnesses also count under the terms of the supplement policy. One of the characteristic features of the plan is that money goes directly to you, and it’s you who is to decide how to spend it.
  • Pet insurance. Your pet may require as serious medical attention as humans do. With such a policy, you can visit any vet at any hospital or clinic, claim pet bill reimbursements with ease, and treat your dog/cat in case of trauma or injury.
  • Accident insurance. No human knows what the next moment can bring and insuring your health to prevent major expenses in case of accidents may help you to save your family budget or at least alleviate the burden on it.
  • Critical illness insurance. Critical illnesses require serious medical attention which may cost a fortune. With this type of a policy, some part of the bills may be covered: the conditions are defined before you sign a policy.
  • Travel insurance. Just like in the case of international policies, travels within the country can be insured. The information required remains the same: the details related to the trip, the info about the costs, and the age of your fellow travelers.
  • Medicare. The program comprises of several parts, each of which covers a certain field: one is for hospital care; another one lets you buy drugs at a discount, etc. The primary users of Medicare are the elderly and the disabled.
  • Telemedicine. A unique service offered by Ehealth, telemedicine gives you an opportunity to speak with a skilled doctor specializing in the area you need at any time, 24/7.

Ehealth plans are characterized by flexibility and a comprehensive approach used: you can opt for this or that policy which fits your situation most and get a quote using the forms integrated at the Ehealth website.