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Liberty National Life Insurance Company specializes in Supplemental Health, Accident and Life Insurance plans providing as local, so one-on-one services. One of the main priorities is the superior quality of products with single parent, individual and family policies being available. It will help with final expenses, mortgages, replacement of income for spouses, expenses on education, etc.

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Being founded in 1900, Liberty National Life Insurance Company has a long history. At first, it was a fraternal benefit society located in Huntsville, Alabama. Then in the 1920s, the company changed its name into the one it’s known today, while its office moved to Birmingham, AL, and contained of 26 employees. In the 1930s, the company reached $30 million of Life Insurance policies and payed its first cash dividend. The 1940s saw a great expansion – its offices were opened in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and some other states. In the 1950s, Liberty National reached another great sum of insurance in force − $500 million – and started recording annual increases. The 1960s witnessed more diversity in the company’s products such as Cancer Policy and earned $1 billion on them. 1970s allowed the company reaching $5 billion and 2.5 working agents. Besides, the Holding Company was established those years. 1980s started with a great reorganization that made this Holding Company the parental one of Liberty National Life Insurance Company. The parental company changed its name and now it’s known as Torchmark Corporation. In the 1990s, the company reached the bigger sum in force − $35 billion – and got into Top 50 Life-Health List.

In 2008, the company moved from Alabama to Nebraska, it became closer to the Heart by providing financial support to different communities.

Individual Polices

Liberty National Life Insurance Company renders Life, Supplemental Health and Accident Plans.

  • Life Protection. This plan is divided into 2 main categories: Whole Life and Term Life. Whole Life Policy provides coverage for your entire life, while premiums never get high. Still, it’s turned out to be more expensive. The second policy provides coverage for some time period, after which the premiums are mostly increased. The advantage here is that it costs less than the previous plan.
  • Accident and Supplemental Policy. There are various plans to protect the insured person from any unexpected event. Cancer Endurance provides most benefits with no time limits meaning that you as well as your relatives can make use of them during the whole treatment period. Cash Cancer is one-time policy created for patients with first-time diagnosed cancer. Benefits may reach up to $50,000 – the sum you can spend on treatment, deductibles, payment for mortgages. There are no limits. Critical Illness Insurance is designed to be payed one-time when the person gets his first diagnosis like heart attack, transplant of major organ, total loss of hearing or eyesight, etc. Hospital Intensive Care Insurance goes for sickness or injury. Benefits may increase if it was caused by accident while driving or traveling. Hospital Accident Insurance provides coverage for accidents only, so medical expenses are not included. Talking about Accident Insurance on the whole, it is divided into 3 plans. Accident Protector Max offers coverage for particular losses caused by covered accidents as it’s subject to only those limitations provided by the company plan. Accidental Death gives you a kind of coverage called a full one and goes for people under 75. As long as you pay premiums, the company can’t refuse or change the policy chosen.
  • Introductory Offers. This is a special category of offers being available for company’s clients. ADP, also known as Accidental Death Policy, supposes the payment of $3,000 if you or your spouse dies. It also suggests the sum $1,000 for a situation when a child dies. After the first year of this policy, the premium reaches up to $10. If you finish paying this sum, you will be terminated from the plan. Child Safe Kit becomes a convenient way to know where your child is, not taking into account the time or other factors. MedFacts Kit is a kind of medical guide to save your life and life of your relatives as it controls your medical regime and the way you follow the doctor’s prescriptions. Memorial Guide is a great list of things which are important for you: from ideas to wishes. With it, it will be easier for your relatives to organize the funeral you would like it to look like.

All these plans care about important and necessary things like health, that’s why they provide protection from sudden accidents and other events which may happen in everyday life. Anyway each consumer may apply for such quotes or choose another insurer like Colonial Life that brings the same services & coverages.