Life Insurance No Medical Exam

The first step to get your Life Insurance is to pass a special examination at the hospital. ‘What will wait me after I open the door of Doctor’s cabinet?’ many may ask. There isn’t anything scary in there; however, it is pretty complicated. Let’s start from the beginning. As soon as you introduce yourself to the doctor, he or she will check your main indices: weight and height. A doctor will require some samples of blood and urine. Then the measurements of blood pressure and heart rate will be taken. After that you’ll pass a test, where you’ll answer several questions (mainly, there are 4+ questions that check your mental stability and intellectual level). The examination will show if you are healthy enough to have talk with the insurer. Then the results are sent to the company. From that moment, it decides which of a risk should be insured.

Life Insurance

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Save on life insurance policies that do not need medical exams

Insurer can ask for larger premiums than the ordinary ones or reject your request without further explanations. Isn’t it better to get your insurance without passing harsh and last-longing health exams?

The benefits of Life Insurance No Medical Exam are obvious: no nurse in your house to examine you, no wasted time and money. This is the best way for those, who have no time due to some personal issues. But be careful, unless it has pros, it also has cons:

  • Such insurance will provide you with two options.
  • Policy will probably become more expensive as you get older.
  • Policy will cover only accidental and natural causes of death: strokes, cancer, heart failure, etc.

The options mentioned above are called ‘simplified’ and ‘guaranteed’. These options are offered to elderly people with serious health problems which make it difficult to take out insurance by a potential holder.

‘Guaranteed’ doesn’t require any tests. You’ll be asked about smoking, HIV and AIDS, terminal illnesses, and long-term care facility. The advantage of such policies: you’ll feel protected. The disadvantages: they are too expensive compared to other policies and have low benefits.

‘Simplified’ is an easier variant for ‘holder. Although it doesn’t have any requirement, your medical records will be checked with an attention by several doctors. Some health problems make it impossible to get insured. If you are eager to receive term life quotes with none of these boring steps − it is possible. Your premium can be increased basing on answers you give. This seems like a simple way to obtain life insurance, but premium for purchased coverage may become higher as the insurance company isn’t aware of your health issues.

No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies

This type is beneficial comparing to others. It doesn’t require checking client’s health again and again. The second advantage is that you don’t have to wait until you’re accepted it is much quicker than it’s done in the traditional way. You won’t have to waste your time waiting for results of medical tests; it can take a few weeks up to a month. Moreover, some companies will provide their services within few days or even hours. This is the best option if you run out of time.

However, it has a dark side too: it costs more than the common type. If you want to be insured, you’ll have to pass medical tests. It will help to determine what risks should be considered before insuring you.

High risks are charged more. The second has low limit on coverage you can purchase. Companies providing insurance allow purchasing only $250,000 without requiring medical examination. This problem can be solved by buying two plans, but be ready to pay more. Is it affordable for a common citizen? This is partly true because the coverage is not easily available. There are a few reasons why you can be left unprotected. It is almost impossible to profit from buying such insurance coverage.

  • If the potential insurance holder has a chronic disease that isn’t controlled, he/she may be left without these services at all. The solution is buying the guaranteed one.
  • You’ll need to pass exam to get an underwritten policy as soon as possible. They are ready only in a few days.
  • If you take a high risk while working, you won’t probably be insured. Your health condition doesn’t matter in this case.
  • If you are an elderly person or have serious health issues and you want to pay for funeral, this type will be a perfect answer.
  • If you’re terminally ill, then you can protect your family by paying bills.
  • If you can’t obtain group Life Insurance, you need to get life insurance with no exam. Coverage that is provided by your employer is easy to get even if your health condition is poor. In case of losing a job you won’t be able to get coverage from your employer.
  • If covering final expenses is not what you require, then there is no use of getting medical exam life insurance. Younger people who strive to pay off debts and fund in children education, therefore, it is a better option for them. The best way to achieve these goals is to pass medical tests to obtain traditional insurance coverage.

We can’t predict the future, but your family shouldn’t be affected by this uncertainty of tomorrow. Don’t you think so? Ask agency if you require further explanations or have some questions regarding this topic. Feel free to contact it, whenever you need. Take care!