Medicaid Insurance

The US law provides a variety of opportunities for its citizens to obtain insurance in order to have their expenses on med services covered, as least to some extent. Medicaid Insurance serves the purpose of integrating the low income families into the global healthcare system.

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Vulnerable groups of the American society may also require medical attention since people are susceptible to illnesses regardless of their social status. With Medicaid, poor families as such groups as the disabled get help which is technically a charity program, as no money is paid by the beneficiaries in the course of their working.

Due to Medicaid, those having limited resources have access to professional med services delivered at hospitals and by healthcare practitioners.

The program in question can be applied to a variety of social groups, including poor families, children, disabled people, pregnant women whose income is insufficient, etc.

Medicaid Insurance Plans

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Plans may vary from state to state, so it’s difficult to specify what perks are included in the program in general, yet there basic pattern is like this:

  • Medicaid lets you stay at a hospital should such a need arise and be diagnosed for free or with partial expense coverage. These services are included in most plans, so it’s the key point of any insurance.
  • Besides hospitals, plans often cover doctor visits. There may be some restrictions in terms of what doctors you can see for free and which require copayment, but this part varies.
  • Pregnancy diagnostics and care is also part of the overwhelming majority of plans since this aspect is vitally important and benefits the state in general.
  • Shots may also be included in the package if children are concerned. Free shots are provided only if the parents have no objections (which may be the case in some areas).
  • X-ray diagnostics and special tests aimed as can also be covered by the program.

Medicaid Eligibility Requirements

Medicaid utilizes several criteria according to which a person can/cannot get help within the program framework. To qualify, a person is supposed to meet these requirements:

  • A person must be the US citizen / an immigrant living in the country legally.
  • With the ACA law introduced, it got easier to qualify as your income must make up 133% of that of the poverty line income. In order to belong to this category, you can be a parent with children dependent on you or a single person. Yet you must be aware of the fact that not all states have agreed to implement the post-ACA changes and still stick to former eligibility criteria, so requirements may vary depending on the state where you live.

Despite having differences in eligibility criteria seen in different states, the general pattern remains unchanged. Medicaid is designed mostly for families with low assets, yet it’s only one of the two criteria a person must meet to apply for the program being considered. So, the status of poverty is only one factor which can count as a reason for Medicaid provision.

Dental services are in most cases covered by the program, but the corresponding service delivery is hindered by the lack of dentists participating in the system. They explain it by low earnings in this sphere and serious requirements set for doctors providing dental treatment as part of Medicaid, so you may face the challenge of finding an appropriate dentist who will agree to treat you.

  • Patients which diagnosed HIV are not eligible for free drug provision unless they get disabled (for instance, if the virus develops AIDS). If you happen to suffer from this disease or are HIV-positive, check the info on the SSDI and SSI programs.
  • Children comprise a special category, so a child can be provided with Medicaid even if the child’s parents fail to be eligible for it: in this case, an individual status of the child matters more than the status of the ones caring about the child or parents.

Besides poverty, there are other factors that can be taken into account when determining whether you fit one of the eligibility categories. These include the age factor, pregnancy status, illnesses causing disability (or traumas leading to disability), being blind (which is considered separately from other kinds of disabilities), the immigrant status (note that you must be registered!), etc.

With this program available, you can lower the cost of medical treatment or get it at no cost. To find out whether you qualify, check the corresponding local authority website. In many states, such as Alabama, the benefits include large lists of drugs, vision and dental care, health products and related treatment at no cost per month, which makes Medicaid a desirable option for all who can get it.