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Consumers may save on quote getting various kinds of Missouri Farm Bureau insurance policies, like auto, home, motorcycle, life, annuities, business. Missouri Farm Bureau also offers comprehensive services. With MFB, you can get almost any kind of policies with which you can have auto, ranch, life and other kinds of coverage, including business, health, boat, etc.

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MFB was started as an agency designed to provide farmers living in remote areas and in the suburbs with insurance services to help them have their property covered. Missouri farmers united in 1915 to form a bureau which later became a widely known agency aiming at granting quality services regardless of what distant areas of Missouri farmers live in.

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The key feature that was chosen as the priority was plain speaking, easy to understand terms, and an honest approach.

MFB Products and Services

Despite the name, MFB offers a comprehensive set of services featuring Auto, Health, Life, Farm Insurance, etc.

  • Auto Insurance. It can include a variety of options. Among the coverages offered are liability (if you injured someone or damaged someone‚Äôs vehicle, you are obliged to pay for the losses covered by such a policy), medical payments (for treating anyone hurt in the accident, both you or a person from another vehicle), uninsured/underinsured motorists, collision (covers damages resulting from collisions; payments are made regardless of who is guilty), etc..
  • Motorcycle Insurance. This kind of a policy is similar to the previous one, but it concerns motorcycles and covers liability, uninsured/underinsured motorcyclists, collision, and other than collision options. The latter implies comprehensive coverage, e.g. you are paid not only in case of damages resulting from accidents, but you also have your vehicle covered in case of natural disasters, damage done as a result of vandalism, theft, etc.
  • Home Insurance. Insuring your home with MFB can feature several aspects, including dwelling coverage (enabling you to insure your house to have losses reimbursed in case of theft, fire, hail, etc.), personal property insurance (coverage of the objects found within your territory), other structures (garages, fences, etc.), extra expense (enables you to get resources to find appropriate accommodation if your house is no longer inhabitable due to some damage), liability (injuries done to others, court costs, etc.), medical payments, etc.
  • Farm/ranch Insurance. If you own a farm or ranch, it can mean having a lot of things to take care of, including a house, other structures, cattle, horses, dogs, crops, etc. Almost everything related to farms can be insured: dwelling, property, extra expenses (see the previous point), liability, farm-related business, canine business, etc.
  • Flood Insurance. Since the variety of policies offered is wide and flexible, you can opt for certain options that meet your needs. If you live in an area where floods are common, you can consider a Flood Insurance policy.
  • Earthquake Insurance. The same as stated in the previous point is true of Earthquake Insurance: there are parts of the country which are characterized by higher than average risk of earthquakes, so you can consider this option too since Missouri is also regarded as dangerous in terms of earthquakes.
  • Life Insurance. MFB offers a full range of Life Insurance policies, including Term Life and Whole Life Insurance. With a policy of this kind, you can provide your relatives with resources after you pass away.
  • Annuities. These are designed to help you get enough income when you retire. Such investment enables you to get regular payments when you do not work anymore. Planning for your retirement can be a challenge, and annuities are considered to be a major part of retirement plans.
  • Business Insurance. There are many business needs a business owner can experience, including crime insurance, commercial fire, general liability, loss of income, spoilage, etc. With over 450,000 small businesses registered in Missouri, Business Insurance is a major part of our work.
  • Boat Insurance. This kind of policies does not imply boat coverage only: it may include the content of your boat (fishing gear, etc.), boat trailer, motors, liability, medical payments, etc.
  • Crop Hail Insurance. Farmers care about what they grow, and Crop Hail Insurance is one of the key policies that may help you reimburse your losses resulting from a wide spectrum of physical causes, including natural reasons, low prices, etc.
  • The list above is not comprehensive as there are other services available such as Health Insurance, Umbrella Liability Insurance, Renters Insurance, Condo Insurance, Valuable Personal Property, Trailer Insurance, Commercial Auto, Motor Home Insurance, and other options.