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Obtain offers & quotes for free on individual or family life insurance from National Agents Allied, including policies with special conditions, save on policies. NAA, which stands for National Agents Allied, is a U.S. insurance broker offering a set of policies featuring such options as Life Insurance, Mortgage protection, Disability (including autism and other special conditions), etc.

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As an association of agents operating in forty eight states, National Agents Allied has its story beginning more than twenty years ago, but it became an established company in 2002. While specializing in mortgage protection, the association offers other products such as Life Insurance policies, insurance services covering special conditions, programs for smokers and those suffering from diabetics, etc.

With a huge amount of agents ready to sell you a policy, you can access NAA services almost in any part of the U.S.

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NAA Products

  • Term Life. The kind of policies in question implied getting insured for a certain period (say, ten or twenty years), during which your family (or other beneficiary) is granted resources in case of your passing away. NAA supposes it’s one of the options to be considered by those starting families, getting married or venturing into a mortgage challenge because if the policyholder dies, there will be fewer opportunities for his or her family to handle the bills, mortgages, etc.
  • Mortgage Protection. It is designed to help your family handle the issues resulting from mortgages when you pass away. Unlike Term Life Insurance, mortgage Protection is a more specialized thing. There are other features of this plan such as an opportunity to withdraw money when you are diagnosed with a critical illness, get a higher payment in case the policyholder’s death is accidental, etc. The plan may also include final expenses coverage. It is a flexible option often offered to those willing to use the mortgage system without having savings to help the family pay for it in case of loss of bread winner.
  • Mortgage Disability. Similar to the previous option, Mortgage Disability deals with mortgage coverage which applies to cases of disability resulting in the loss of opportunity to handle your mortgage. With this plan, you can pay off the mortgage you have, have medical services covered (since most disabilities mean you need medical attention), etc.
  • Final Expense. With an average funeral bill making up over $10,000, it may be quite a challenge for most families to arrange it without bankruptcy. To eliminate such a financial burden, one can opt for a final expense plan which features funeral and burial coverage. Although the state provides some money for such purposes (about $230 or so), it is not enough to get everything done appropriately, and this is when most Americans prefer to have a Final Expense Policy.
  • Annuities. Planning for your retirement is best carried out when you are still young. Although no one knows how long he or she is going to live, NAA offers Annuities that can help people invest their money to have regular income when they get old. With common retirement age being 65, you can use this option to save resources and multiply them to have enough cash to spend it any way.
  • Tax-free Retirement. A special retirement plan, Tax-Free Retirement option enables you to get, as the name suggests, tax-free income, death benefits, increase the value of your invested resources, choose the type of a plan that suits your needs (since there are many options, the system is flexible), etc. Besides, the period within which your family will get the resources they need is said to be short, so they will not have to wait for a long time until they can handle the issues related to your passing away.
  • Diabetic Life Insurance. The policy considered in this section is designed for those diagnosed with diabetes or other people who have prediabetes (e.g. the risk of suffering from diabetes proper is higher than average). For those who are already learning to live with it, a Diabetic Life Insurance policy can be a way out if they want to provide their family with money to live in case they die or become disabled.
  • Life Insurance for Smokers. The affordable plans offered to smokers imply having the same or almost the same premiums you would otherwise be offered if you did not smoke. Smokers may find it challenging to get a policy that is affordable; NAA claims to have the best conditions they can offer those who have this habit. Funeral expenses, paying off mortgages, medical expenses, etc. – all of it is covered by this policy, thus helping the family of the smoking policyholder avoid the financial burden of final expenses that may devastate the children’s budget.
  • Among other products available are Autism Life Insurance, Veteran Life Insurance, Cremation Expenses, Single Premium Whole Life Insurance, etc. There is also a special NAA branch called NAA Life specializing in Life Insurance.