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Compare insurance quotes from New York Life and save on Term Life, Whole Life Insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance. Business consumers may look for benefits of Group membership, Buy-sell plans, supplemental life insurance which expand the range of solutions. New York Life also offers investment options like Annuities, Mutual Funds that allow to get income.

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New York Life is one of the oldest American insurance companies and manifests all American values that are popular nowadays.

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It was founded in 1845, but its name was different at that time: established as the Nautilus Insurance Company, it later became known as New York Life in 1849. Like many other insurance agencies of that time, NYL offered life insurance policies for slaveholders. This practice was abandoned in 1848. Since the very beginning of the company development, the NYL managers have always strived to implement new features, some of which had never been introduced before. For example, NYL was the first to offer non-forfeiture policies, the terms of which implied that the policy would be valid even if the policyholder fails to pay the premium. Another innovation was paying cash dividends. Besides, NYL was the first American insurer to set equal rates for both sexes. A revolution of its kind was the start of selling such products to the disabled, and providing policies with a disability benefit.

Nowadays, the scope of NYL operation is impressive: besides providing insurance policies, NYL sells annuities, manages mutual funds, and offers retirement plan services, as well as developing strategies and building insurance systems for groups. The services and products are available in 50 states.

A notable aspect of the NYL work is New York Life Foundation which has contributed more than $220 million dollars to charity organizations, helps volunteers and promotes doing good deeds among their employees, agents and everyone around.

ARIS offers healthcare and accident insurance policies available for individuals and enterprises. One of the distinctive features of this company is the involvement in the Medicare system. Those eligible can apply for such a policy, and if you have any questions regarding this field, you can look through the Medicare guide available on their website. Besides, there are other products ARIS is ready to issue, but all of them are related to healthcare and accident insurance (so, it can be considered a specialized agency). Below you will find a list of ways the company can help you save assets as well as Liberty National insurer provides.

Products offered by NYL

New York Life has plenty of products to offer to cover nearly all aspects of American citizens’ lives: retirement, insurance and investment options are available in various plans.

  • Term Life Insurance. This policy can help you get covered for a certain period, like 10 or 20 years, and it grants lost income compensation upon the policyholder death. The policy is recommended to all who have not decided to choose whole life insurance yet, but want coverage for them and their families. The plan can be upgraded to Whole Life or extended by various additional riders.
  • Whole Life Insurance. The type of plans in question are valid as long as you manage to pay premiums, the increase of which is prohibited according to the insurance conditions. Cash value growth and policy enhancement by means of choosing extra protection options are not the only advantages: a part of the legacy, there’s a death benefit paid out upon the policyholder death; the cash value accumulates upon paying premiums, and you can withdraw the cash at any moment and spend in on tuition, retirement, emergency needs, etc. Since NYL is a mutual company, you are also eligible for dividends.
  • Long-Term Care Insurance. As the name suggests, this kind of plans is designed to get you covered for a long period of time, with special conditions and terms applying to policies issued for individuals depending on what states they live in.
  • Annuities. Annuities are a way to invest your money, have it converted into income, and watch it grow as you are living your life. After you retire, you get pension-like payments that you can use any way you want. Such paychecks can help you plan for your retirement and invest into it.
  • Mutual Funds. If stocks and bonds seem to be quite a challenge, the company offers its clients to use the mutual funds system. Make investment decisions that are backed by the help of the NYL specialists experienced in the market, get relevant information, and utilize a variety of investment strategies developed by an affiliate company.
  • Group Membership. Group membership is a very important NYL business aspect, and the approach used reminds of building a special system for each particular organization. Labor unions, associations, professional institutions, employer groups, alumni, military groups and many others – all of them can use NYL services designed for groups.
  • Business Solutions. Running a business implies the danger of numerous pitfalls, and American insurance aims at covering all aspects of this field. Using NYL products, you can grant your staff insurance policies, insure your own management, get your company insured in case some key member dies or some other event which can threaten your company happens. Buy-sell plans, supplemental life insurance and more – New York Life has developed such a diverse range of solutions for business owners that it’s difficult to think of a business situation to which at least one of them does not apply.