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Platinum Supplemental Insurance provides insurance policies that complement standard programs and help cover cases which are not common or expected by most people. This company specializes in offering supplemental policies, as the name suggests, and can be a good option if you want to fill the gaps left by your major insurance company. Besides, it offers policies which apply to conditions that are seen in certain situations (cancer, stroke, supplemental long-term healthcare insurance, etc.). Such a specialization makes the company a service provider able to make general policies comprehensive.

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Platinum Supplemental Insurance was founded in 1996, when Wayne Briggs, who is now President of the company, started an insurance agency; he began improving his sales skills in 1990, and since then he has been selling supplemental insurance policies. Under his leadership, the company developed and became a leading player, contributing to the industry and having the revenue of $30,000,000 per year.

Besides its business aspect, Platinum is known for its charity deeds. According to the company philosophy, giving back is what matters a lot, so there have been many charity events and initiatives that Platinum took part in. For example, the company donated to Floating Doctors, an organization providing healthcare services in rural areas in developing countries. Having provided the doctors with some of the necessary medications and other supplies needed in Panama, Platinum also helped singleton moms who were fighting cancer. Their efforts helped donate $35,000 and some of the things needed on a daily basis. There are many other examples of charity projects implemented by Platinum, including Casa De Dia (a center designed to help seniors), cooperation with American Cancer Society, etc. Since the beginning of its history, Platinum has always wanted to focus not only on business, but on the ideas that lie behind their philosophy. Everyone may try supplement or any other time of life policy, from this company or Liberty National, that can be more preferred option.

What Supplemental Insurance Are Available at Platinum?

Among the products offered by Platinum are the ones which complement standard policies and enhance them by expanding the range of cases to which policies apply. All products offered fall into two categories: rural products and worksite products.

Supplemental policies are aimed at filling the gap created by the expenses which result from injuries or illnesses. Standard health insurance policies can cover only medical expenses (the amount of money spent on medications and medical services), yet in many cases there are other types of expenses (non-medical), such as wage loss and in-home care, and common policies fail to cover such cases. With Platinum, you can get a supplemental policy that takes into account more than a common health insurance policy.

  • Heart Attack, Cancer, Critical/Chronic Illness, and Stroke Insurance. This policy is supposed to cover non-medical expenses, because treating cancer or chronic illnesses (which include such a challenging condition as Alzheimer’s disease) requires spending a lot of money on transportation and other needs that are not covered by general healthcare policies; besides, there are money losses (wage losses, etc.) that are compensated.
  • Supplemental Cancer Insurance. Non-medical expenses comprise a significant part of total expenses. Child care and transportation require money to be paid (at least in most cases), and Platinum supplemental cancer insurance helps get some resources for it.
  • Hospital Indemnity Insurance. If you get to a hospital, there are other things other than medical services that are needed, such as child care, lodging and accommodation, having to eat something while overcoming the unexpected challenge, etc. Besides, lost wages are also an issue. Platinum Hospital Indemnity Insurance is designed to fill these gaps.
  • Whole Life with Long-Term Care. When applying for getting a policy, most people do not hesitate and choose options that are supposed to provide such a person with money in case of a car accident, flood, fire or some other things that are likely to happen (some cases like floods are considered common in certain areas and are thus demanded by those who live in the regions where the risk of such accidents is high), but few remember that they will get older and their health will get worse. The need for long-term care arises for many seniors, and such treatment requires quite a lot of money. This supplemental insurance policy is designed to expand the list of healthcare services you can use.

The worksite products offered imply providing your employees with additional benefits considered to be a significant bonus by many people. With Platinum, you can make your insurance coverage as comprehensive as it’s possible in the industry.