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Many consumers look for benefits and lower quotes from Senior Life insurance company. Whole Life policies may bring additional features for their holders.

Senior Life Insurance Company specializes in life insurance services and offers a diverse list of plans to choose from. Despite the word ‘senior’ in the name, there are options for any age, from zero to 85, and it can be a nice choice for those who want to delegate the handling of expenses resulting from life issues to a company that focuses on this particular field. With more than 47 years of operation, Senior Life Insurance has become an established insurer characterized by the wish to implement innovative approaches and help its clients get some more stability.

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The Senior Life Insurance Company was established in 1970. Over the years of successful operation (which make up 47 years, as of 2017), the state coverage was expanded significantly; in 2000, the SL Insurance Company was licensed to operate only in six states, but now the company geography is much more impressive: 39 states accompanied by the District of Columbia are home to many SL agents ready to provide you with policies to help you cover unexpected expenses. In 2005, the company management thought of a way to help agents bring their products to clients, and that was how telesales started for SL. The company is run by a team of dedicated insurance and legislation experts led by Dale R. Powell, Sr., and Dale R. Powell, Jr., and claims to be an innovation-oriented company eager to monitor the most advanced trends and implement modern practices, yet such an approach is combined with conservative management to ensure better company stability and strength. With a variety of Life Insurance plans offered, the Senior Life Insurance team intends to expand its geography and make the company known and popular nationwide as well as American Life quotes.

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When Specialization Benefits the Brand

Unlike other insurers, Senior Life Insurance offers Whole Life Insurance plans of different kinds. Such a specialization lets them tune their plans in such a way so that being an SL client could be as convenient as possible. Regardless of what plan you choose, there are advantages listed by the company which apply to any product provided by SL:

  • The plans offered are available for almost anyone: any person who is 0-85 years old is eligible for getting a policy.
  • The company is a proponent of stability: their own policy is to maintain the same premiums, never decrease the benefits, and never cancel policies (unless the premiums are not paid by the policy holder).
  • There’s no need to take any medical examinations. Qualification requires you to answer yes/no questions, and it’s all that is needed to be done regarding your health information.

The whole system of whole life plans offered by Senior Life falls into two large categories: intermediate benefit plans and limited benefit plans.

Intermediate Benefit Plans

This type of plans covers you from the day your application is approved. Face amounts vary depending on your age and health issues. The plans available include options for tobacco users and non-tobacco users, and individuals of 0-80 years of age. The full list of option is as follows:

  • Ultimate Preferred. The face amounts range from $10,000 to $30,000, and it’s available for individuals of 50-75 years of age who have not smoked for at least 10 years and have no health issues.
  • Super Preferred. Similar to the previous plan, it is designed for a wider audience (40-80 years) with no smoking habits seen within the last 5 years. The face amount minimum is lower, though: from $5,000 to $30,000. No health issues must be diagnosed.
  • Preferred. It’s for any age group (0-80), and you can qualify if you have not smoked at least for a year. $1,000-$20,000.
  • There are plans for tobacco users and those with health issues: Standard, 20 Pay Standard, Joint First-To-Die, and Substandard plans implying various face amounts ($1,000-$20,000 on average) and designed both for both tobacco users and those who do not have such a habit.

Limited Benefit Plans

This kind of plans is offered to individuals with significant or moderate health problems. Below you will find the list of plan subtypes:

  • Modified;
  • Easy Issue;
  • Guaranteed Issue;
  • Graded;
  • Easy Issue Graded.

All plans vary depending on what health condition you have, what your age is, and what state you live in (since the Easy Issue Graded plan is available only in MO). All plans (except for Modified) imply $1,000-$10,000 face amounts. The benefit rules vary depending on what plan you qualify for.

There’s an option to enhance your whole life policy with an Accidental Death Benefit Rider. If the insured person’s death is considered accidental (the term and conditions are determined by the Rider), then the benefit will be doubled (the benefit implied by the Rider is equal to the face amount stated in the policy).