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Everyone should be protected. If you are a family person, you know how important it is to keep your spouse and children safe. Want to leave something valuable behind you to help your relatives maintain stable lifestyle? Term Life Insurance provides financial security to them in case you die. If set period is expired, you can renew contract or let it be. If something happens to you before term ends, then your beneficiary receive money without paying taxes. A death benefit is a part of person’s pension. When he or she passes away, up to 65% of a monthly pension is paid to relatives. The sum depends of contract that annuitant holds before the time he dies. What can he/she use it for?

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Term Life Insurance

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  • to cover expenses;
  • to fund children’s education;
  • to pay off debts and loans;
  • to pay for funeral.
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Such form of protection is more favorable than a permanent one. Its costs are less depending on the set period. As you can see, money won’t be wasted. In case you’re terminally ill or in old age level death benefit is paid down to your close people.

Term life insurance quotes are right for you if you strive to be insured for a chosen time length. Purchase protection from one up to twenty years, save money and get insurance for an extended period, for example, 40 years. Remember that premiums may be increased, but will remain accessible.

If you bought insurance for a decade and you die within this period, then money is provided. The amount of money is stated, so, there are no returns, unlike permanent one which has an option of saving money to protect your relatives.

Another word for ‘term’ is ‘pure’ because it’s paid only in case of death. Premiums depend on the age, health condition, and how long you expect to live. If person passes away within period, then death benefit is accessible for beneficiaries. Unfortunately, if determined period ends before the death, you’ll be rejected. To avoid losing money, renew term policy as it gets closer to the end. If you’re sure that you need it temporarily, then protection for a set time period is suitable for you.

Let’s take a look at some drawbacks to these policies. Firstly, premium is increased as you age and it can’t be changed so easily (for example, a new child was born). Secondly, unfortunately, cash value is not developed. On the other hand, increased premium and lack of money can be beneficial. Since protection is cheap, you can pay for the long-period life protection with the saved cash.

Term Life Insurance Quotes Comparison

‘Should I pass medical examination and does it increase premium I’m offered?’, ‘What is the right time to buy it?’, “What are advantages and disadvantages of obtaining such protection?’ − the most common questions you ask before obtaining Term Insurance Quotes.

Sometimes insurance corporations consider risks that can cause your death. They include extreme sports like sea diving, racing, bungee jumping or traveling to dangerous places. What about your financial status? Consider this while obtaining a temporary life insurance. Agents may check your credit history or even if you were engaged in crime. You will be asked a few questions to determine if you can hold policy.

Let’s look at types of term protection:

  • ‘Yearly’ renewable. Such insurance is renewed every year till you reach the certain age. You can then switch to a cash-value contract without proving insurability. Remember, insurance get more expensive year by year. You can also protect your family for 5-20 years and renew protection, when it ends. You’ll pay the same sum of money every 12 months, but with every renewal it will be increased.
  • ‘Decreased’ insurance. As children grow and leave families, the need for short-period protection decreases. Premiums gradually decline, when it comes to end of the term. There is a possibility you won’t have to pay for two last years. The payment reduces every month or year. You can buy decreased term protection for 1-30 years.
  • ‘Increased’ insurance. This form of protection, unlike the latter, is suitable for young people with little children. Payments are increasing over time, so they can attend university in future.
  • ‘Reentry’ insurance. You can easily avoid paying a lot. You need to periodically check your health condition and provide results of a good health to decline payment.

What are the final recommendations? Don’t forget that this policy works only in case of loss of life. The most vital aspect to consider is time. It’s up to you to decide if 5 or 40 years are enough. Such form of protection isn’t suitable for single, childless people. It’s a waste of money for those who are in a good health and is going to live a long happy life. For a family person with children it won’t be a waste of money. The period of time depends on how old your children are. If you want them to be educated in best universities and have enough money to be financially safe in the future, then don’t wait any longer!