UHC Insurance

UHC insurance policies are popular among Americans as it’s a major company specializing in this field. Millions of US citizens and those living abroad choose the plans the company offers. Its services cover everything you may need when looking for a way to obtain insurance. The set of plans listed is quite impressive. From specific policies to Medicare, UHC strives to enhance its performance.

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UHC Insurance Company

As a major insurance company, UHC has proved to be a stable and successfully developing company. It’s interesting to note how the UHC management and other staff aim at bringing more interesting ways to reduce the price of policies and get additional perks. For instance, there’s the UHC Motion program which implies that you can make changes to your diet and lifestyle, start moving more to get in shape: these actions grant you a chance to win rewards. Within the Motion program, the policy holders who are eligible for the special feature usage can have an activity tracker which counts your steps. There’s a system of walking goals, each of which grants you money. The three goals set for each day are:

1) Frequency. You are to accomplish the goal of 300 steps in 5 minutes. Completion of the goal gives you $1.5.

2) Intensity. The second goal is to make 3,000 steps in half an hour, which brings you $1.25.

3) Tenacity. It’s 10,000 steps a day with the same reward.

Regular completion of all the three goals can grant you $1,500 annually, which is a lion’s share in case of most plans.

UHC Insurance Policies

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UHC offers plans among which anyone can find a plan meeting his requirements.

  • Individual & Family Plans. UHC sells plans both for single persons and the ones who have a family. There are different plans available, and you can use a ZIP code form to look through the offers available. If you want to buy a policy from the Marketplace, you can also use UHC for better convenience.
  • Small business plans. Building a team of happy and healthy employees must be the priority of every business. UHC offers various plans which vary depending on two factors: the state and the number of employees (from two to fifty and over fifty-one).
  • Medicare plans. Medicare plans can be different: advantage, special plans, etc. The ‘target audience’ is citizens older than 65 and the disabled. The package of services and products you may be eligible for is defined by the kind of Medicare you can use / what services you can afford. From visiting doctors who agree to treat this category of patients to preventive medicine and free drugs − all aspects of healthcare services are represented by the variety of Medicare shades available.
  • Short Term Health insurance. This type of a policy helps you full the gap in your insurance history that may occur due to: failing to enroll during the specially designated period; waiting for the ACA plan to be in force; being 50-65 years of age (while you cannot enroll in Medicare yet); your 26th birthday, which means your parents’ policy does not apply to you anymore; looking for a new job after quitting from the previous one.
  • Dental plans. Preventive care and various kinds of treatment (fillings, roots canals, etc.) are featured in the plans. Under these conditions, there’s no need for submitting claim forms since all financial issues are handled directly with the dentists.
  • Medicaid plans. These are designed for the poor and/or the disabled, these plans are offered with regard to different criteria that must be met in order to be eligible for the program. It can be considered a charity plan type since in most cases no payments are needed: the state handles all the med fuss for you.
  • Vision insurance. Eye exams, glasses and contact lenses prescriptions and other routine services are provided under this policy.
  • Hospital and doctor insurance. It’s a fee-for-service kind of insurance which allows you not to meet the deductible: you are given a fixed sum for a doctor visit or a set of med services.
  • Term life insurance. This policy grants your family benefits in case the policy holder dies.
  • Critical illness insurance. This plan helps a seriously ill person overcome expenses associated with quitting job due to illness.
  • Accident insurance. The policy in question is applied to cases of accidents and resulting injuries.
  • Among other policies offered are the hospitalization, disability, international travel, and supplemental insurance ones.

Out of these options, one can pick the plan or policy which fits his needs best. UHC covers all or nearly all spheres of our mortal life and cares about the US citizens’ health to such an extent that it keeps on constantly developing its insurance system and reward programs.