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The US health insurance system is characterized by complexity and comprehensiveness, so to get a health insurance quote, you are to specify quite a lot of information about you and the household you belong to.

Health Insurance

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The means of insuring your condition and health are numerous. Besides the Medicare / Medicaid programs, e.g. the programs designed to help seniors and the disabled or the poor, there are offers available at the Marketplace, a special platform which is used for browsing available options and enrolling in the program or plan that fits your requirements.

The quotes determined by insurance companies are shaped by many factors, among which are:

  • Location. The area where you live has great impact on the price of a policy. Such factor as the amount of money needed to survive in an area (the cost of living), local laws, and local competition: all these affect the cost of the policy you need.
  • Age. As a rule, the older you are, the more you are likely to need medical attention and thus more money spent. It may be three times cheaper for the young to maintain their policies than in the case of the elderly.
  • Tobacco usage. Smokers can be charged 50 percent more in comparison with non-smokers, so if you haven’t dropped the habit yet, consider doing this at least to reduce the investments in insurance.
  • The type of the plan you apply for. With the variety of plans available, you can choose between the offers which imply different premium/out-of-pocket expenses/deduction ratios. The more you want to be covered, the higher the monthly payment is.
  • Dependents. If dependents (to this category belong such people as your spouse, children, etc.) are included in the plan, the price also changes.

The factors that do NOT count are the illnesses from which a person suffers and the person’s gender.

It is worthy of note that states can change the extent to which the above mentioned factors affect the price, so it’s recommended to check whether there are insurance peculiarity characteristics of your state.

Health Insurance Quotes for Families

As it’s been stated above, if your dependents are included in the coverage, the quote increases.

Family insurance costs are shaped the same way as in the case of individuals, it’s just the number of people belonging to the family that matters. The age, smoking habits and other factors listed in the previous paragraph are also taken into account.

Family insurance imply sharing a common pool of money. Deductibles calculated for a family apply to both spouses and at least one child. Plans can vary in terms of how deductibles work in the cases of all family members. The first option is to arrange a common deductible: when a certain amount of money is spent, the deductible limit is achieved, and this applies to all members of the family. Another option is to arrange separate deductibles, and in this case the system works like this: all money spent by an individual is also taken into account when assessing the family deductible, but when the personal deductible happens to be met, the coverage applies to the person spending money on treatment. When the family deductible limit is met, those belonging to the family become able get the covered services implied by the plan.

Some other peculiarities of the type of plans being considered:

  • The monthly price is defined by the senior member of the family status and details.
  • Some companies recommend using a floater policy for the family and an individual one for the person which is prone to illnesses. Using this approach, one can save money buying a family insurance and ‘reserve’ a better sum for parents who are more likely to need medical attention in the nearest future.

Health Insurance Quotes for Children

The special program aimed at providing children with appropriate healthcare services is called CHIP. It’s an option which fits those families that have too much assets to qualify for Medicaid, but still need some help paying for a child policy. To enroll in CHIP, your child must qualify.

The criteria and rules are as follows:

  • In case of qualifying for Medicaid, you automatically qualify for CHIP.
  • The US citizen can enroll in CHIP at any time regardless of enrollment periods.

The list of services included in the program in question features the following:

  • Shots;
  • Routine check-ups;
  • Vision care;
  • Prescription drugs;
  • Dental care;
  • Hospital services (both inpatient and outpatient);
  • Tests and x-ray diagnostics;
  • Doctor consultations;
  • Emergency treatment.

The requirements set for children to qualify vary depending on what state a particular child lives in, so it’s recommended to find out on what terms your child can be enrolled.

Among the free services provided within the framework of CHIP are dental care and some of the routine doctor visits normally carried out by healthy or so-called ‘well children’. All the rest can require a copayment, yet it also depends on your state policy conditions. In some areas, even premiums can apply, yet there’s the limitation of no more than 5% of the household income which can be charged for a CHIP policy.