Life Insurance for Individuals

Life Insurance for Individuals is a concrete back-up from the dangerous occurrences that happen in our lives. There are two sides in this cooperation: insurer and insurance holder. The first one is the insurance company and the second is the client. The counterparty (company) in most cases takes responsibility for the funeral of its client.

Life Insurance

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Life Insurance has ancient origins. Roman warriors wanted to have their families secured if they die in battle or due to some disease. First ‘Insurance companies’ appeared that way and gained their fame throughout Italy and then in entire Europe. People wanted to be buried with honorably or be prepared for a life with a serious injury. As the times were rough to the citizens of many countries and they wanted to make lives of their children better, it became a common practice in a whole world. Now the industry is becoming stronger each year in the US and Europe.

We can mention 2 types of services:

  • Investment policy is a method of enlarging your capital. In this case insurer pays you money with small parts within a predefined period or big sum of money in one day. Investments are returned with benefits to the insurance holder in the age of his/her maturity or in a predefined time.
  • With Protection policy, insurer will pay a client a large sum of money on the day of event (death, epicrisis or accident).

It was created for those who strive to live a life with no fear of tomorrow. Insurance helps people to try something new and be sure that everything goes as planned and their kids, beloved couples or old parents are secured in case of client’s sudden demise.

There are mainly three variants for you to choose:

  • Whole Life;
  • Term Life;
  • Universal Life.

In the first scenario your relative or the person, whose name you put in a document, receives a lump on money upon your death. It is quite widespread in the US and has long history. Some clients pay premiums to cash out an entire sum of money in case of great need. However, it is being replaced in the market with the next contestant.

The second one, Term Life Insurance, is quite customizable. An insurance holder pays premiums based on a health quote and his/her personal preferences. In case he/she dies in the predefined period of time (like 5, 10 or 20 years), the family receives the sum of money.

Universal is a combination of the two mentioned above. You pay more premium fees and get a better investment account or larger sum of money in case of demise. However, it doesn’t mean that you will get your money with 100% certainty.

Life insurance plans have some requirements:

  • You must be above the age of 18.
  • The maximum age depends on the company’s policy and may vary from 40 up to 75.

In case you want to take out insurance, you need to know, how the payment is made to you. There are two variants depending on such options as: your preferences discussed on the day of signing a document at insurance company, policy of the insurance holder, and less frequently − law of the country you live in:

  • A beneficiary sum of money is paid in a few pieces.
  • A big sum of money is sent to the client or its relatives on the day of accident/death/epicrisis.

There is no better option in this case, so choose for you. From our side we can provide you with a consultation regarding the topic of your interest.

Life Insurance Plans for Individuals over 50

Youngsters rarely care about their lives. They live today and don’t want to look farther than next minute. However, as soon as the person gets older he becomes wiser in most cases. The questions are appearing in his head. What is waiting for him in several years? How to make sure my family lives long and prospers after my death and other things? Don’t be afraid, Life Insurance Plans over 50 work great.

As the person passes the mark of 50 years, his health starts to let one down. Therefore, it is essential that the client doesn’t want to be crushed by a sudden disease or accident. That is why he asks for a help.

Life insurance plans don’t only get money to a person’s family in case of death. It will aid client in case of critical or terminal illnesses. These two terms correspondingly mean: the ones that require intensive care methods and the ones that can’t be cured at all. It means that in the first case, you will be able to get a second chance. Acquired disabilities caused by an accident or during the work process are on this list too. These are physical, mental, sensory, intellectual, cognitive or several at once.

As you have already understood, Life Insurance Plans are created for you to be sure in tomorrow because the certainty is the thing that the modern society lacks right now. Don’t hesitate and consult insurers to be well-prepared for all the transmutations of fortune. Contact them and find out the variant that fits you in the best way!